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What health insurance companies does Prospectors Inc work with?

We are contracted with all the health insurance providers licensed to do business in Alaska. Premera, Aetna, National General, and Moda.

Do you have life insurance?

We will run your quote through several companies to find the best rating for you and your situation.

Do you have dental and vision?

Yes, several providers are available in Alaska.

Is disability available?

Group, employer paid and individual plans. Short term and long term

Does you offer Medicare Supplements?

Yes and complete education.

Do you offer other solutions besides health insurance?

Prospectors Inc. is contracted with PEO’s and HR services, we also have a referral network for retirement, property, another programs.

What are Ancillary benefits?

Ancillary benefits are the same as voluntary and supplemental. These types of plans generally pay cash benefits to the policyholder not the provider. Benefit amounts are an indemnity not a percentage. Generally, these benefits are not taxable.

Do you offer voluntary benefits?

Yes, we are contracted with all the ancillary programs such as Aflac, Colonial, Allstate, and others

How large of a business can you handle?

There is no limit on the size of the company. Our favorite size is about 15. But we like them all.

What is the smallest business you can help?

Small businesses will need 3 employees for us to work with them on to a small business platform. We do have some individual plans that could be helpful for self-employed individuals.

How long does it take to set up benefits?

It is best to have a least 30 days. Some plans may happen faster and some a little longer. The best amount of time is 60 days for everything to flow smoothly.

How are rates determined?

Rates are determined by many variables. Employee count, ages, type of industry, some individual plans base rates off health and other lifestyle factors. All quotes are confidential and nonobligatory.

How long have you been in business?

Prospectors Inc. Started in 1999 primarily as a voluntary benefit company. It did not take long to realize that small businesses needed questions answered with out pressure. We began to educate ourselves and others branching into all areas of employee benefits and employer assistance programs.

Who is on the Prospectors team?

We are Gary & Shaunna Ferrenburg. We started our insurance business over 20 years ago. We wear all the hats.